Reasons why brands choose Oxon vs. Zendesk

Old ticketing systems, isolated data sources and misunderstanding communication are a thing of the past.

We believe there’s a better way to create a great experience for customers and teams by talking and solving problems in proven ways.

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Conversations beat tickets, every time.

Great relationships don’t start with a number or task that needs to be accomplished, which promotes a mindset-based ticketing system.

It is a system that directs the customer to the center, not the incident.

We do this by organizing all customer interactions in various channels into a single chat history.

As a result, agents can easily see the relationship with each client and thus make more meaningful and engaging conversations with them.

True omnichannel means personalization at scale

Whatever your business is, Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer, it means you are in the people business and all people want is to feel understood and valued.

To prevent agents from having to constantly switch between different screens, tabs, and channels, Oxon offers a solution to this problem by removing channel silos.

Oxon combines everything into one so customers don’t have to repeat themselves and agents can save time.

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Best-in-class usability and implementation

Oxon is built for usability, giving customer service teams the ability to control their setup and make changes. Our users voted us #1, that our system is usable and implementable.

We always try to make our platform as intuitive as possible so agents and administrators can focus on the client rather than the software.

Check out our own user reviews and find out why we are the best alternative to Zendesk!

24/7 Customer support

We want you to succeed in building a strong and loyal customer base and never having to worry about your customer service software. Also, don’t worry about support. We have a Customer Success team and Customer Experience team ready to help you from the moment you become our user.
We can firmly say our customers are more than partners – they are our friends.

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Advanced routing capabilities

Customers crave real-time engagement with their favorite brands.

Oxon’s smart routing gives teams the opportunity to grow while maintaining a personal, human touch when interacting with customers.

Tasks can be automated manually faster than a human can do, so your team can focus on customer service.

Virtual Assistant

We offer Virtual Assistants that are perfect for reducing time costs.

Instead of you, they can search images, format them as required and preview them before making them public.

Your Virtual Assistant can manage the publishing schedule so that the posts can be published regularly.

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