Webchat for Support

Webchat for Support

Webchat is must have
To have quick communication with customers directly on your website is a viable necessity for any business.
Just in time
Have lively conversations with visitors right in the moment when a problem or question appears, and do not to lose potential customers and buyers.
Chatbot (demo)
Automate customer service with Chatbot within 10 minutes. Create your own bot with no coding skills required. ChatBot supports your sales team by generating new leads and turns your visitors into customers. Try it out.
Real-time assistance
Engage customers with dynamic offers and real-time web assistance using video, text chat, click to call, and browse. Conference in experts, transfer sessions, and whisper to enhance collaboration.

New customers

+ 30 %
based behaviour on website

Online purchases

times more

Customer NPS score

9 /10

Problem resolution


Real-time web assistance

To make a sale in a physical store a salesperson uses all available tools, including information about the customer, his/her past experiences, the types of products they are looking for and so on. Live chat lets salesperson perform the same functions online


Do you want to manage your webchat instantly and 24/7? Want to give an immediate answer to your customers’ simple questions? Stop loading agents with this work, because a chatbot can do this. We created a chatbot based on neural networks that can recognize speech/texts and provide answers to a wide range of questions. Moreover, we created technology that enables us to teach it more, adjusting chatbot for your industry needs.
For now ultimate chatbot is avaliable for emails, webchats and social network chats. Calling chatbot will be launched soon.


Reduce shopping cart abandonment with Proactive Webchat

Customers make a purchase 3 times more likely when you reach out with a chat. If a customer stuck on the checkout page, you can automatically reach out with a chat and help complete their purchase.

Full list of Webchat for Support features

Webchat widget
Real-time conversation with customers
Chat queue
Full chat widget customization
Customizable greetings
“Offline” or missed chat transformation to ticket
Satisfaction evaluation