Web-Chat for Support

83% of all online shoppers need support to complete a purchase.
Instead of leaving them to fend for themselves, step in to offer help and close the deal

Reduce shopping cart abandonment with Proactive Chat


Customers are 3 times more likely to make a purchase when you reach out with a chat. With OXON contact centre, you can send targeted messages to customers, based on their behavior. For example, if a customer is stuck on the checkout page you can automatically reach out with a chat and help complete their purchase.  

In a physical store, a salesperson uses all the tools available to them to make a sale, including information about the customer, the types of products they are looking for and their own past experiences. Live chat lets sales person perform the same functions online.

Engage customers with dynamic offers and real-time web assistance using video, text chat, click to call, and cobrowse. Conference in experts, transfer sessions, and whisper to enhance collaboration.

Why choose us?

Web Callback Routing

Web Callback Routing automates routing of online inquires so your organization can quickly capitalize on the lead potential with an immediate callback.

Unified Agents Workdesk

Chat buttons can be displayed whenever agents are available, proactive chat notifications appears on your agents OXON desk in one place with email and phone call functionality, so your agents can have a chat with your customer and make a call to the same customer at one time.

Proactive Chat

Through its intelligence capabilities that examine customer behavior on the web, OXON will proactively offer for immediate connection with a live person and deliver the right chat invitation to the right customer at the right time.


You can allow your customers to click and order a call. Then your agent will see a pop up screen showing that your customer is asking for a call back. This highly increases chance to make a sale and improves customer experience greatly.

Geo Location Map

Geo Localize and target your visitors online in real time. Visitor details and navigation history are shown to agents to enable informed interactions.

Channel Pivoting

Channel pivoting from chat to email, social, or voice for a seamless cross-channel experience.

Manage Chat preferences

Make it easy for the customer. Let them choose their communication preferences: Chat only or audio chat. Up to eight text chat simultaneously. Canned responses are available to agents to enable quick but well-written messages.

Multiple chat options

Real-time availability: you are displayed only if you are available, the web user does not wait. Multilingual, customized pre-typed messages, text chat only or audio + text chat.

Support for mobile phones

Support for mobile devices and multiple languages. Connect with your customers wherever they are.

Returning Visitors

Automatically detects returning visitors to your site as prospects, customers, or any other segment you would like to identify.

Web Call Back

When a website visitor submits a form, including a telephone number, the Oxon APIs automatically populate that number in a list within the Oxon dialer for an immediate call back to the visitor and a live conversation with an agent. Improve productivity and increase sales be translating website visits directly to live conversations.

Chat Transfer

Your agents can transfer chat to any other available colleague.

Web Page Push

Send information about products or services that your customer is interested about via chat.

Customer Feedback Gathering

At the end of the chat you can ask your customer if he was happy with the support. This will allow to have a deeper look at your agent performance and ways to increase customer experience.


With Oxon Chat, choose where on your site funnel you want to target visitors. Target the customers who are ready to check out, or any visitor segmentation based on your CRM inputs, cart, visitor registration.... And more.


You can use OXON chat on multiple websites. Agents can present on several web sites on a single agent interface.

Results You Can See

Up to 30% increase in conversions, 38% increase average order values, 90% reductions in handling costs. Increase customer connections that are created by personalized, human interactions, and are delivered at a fraction of the cost phone or email contact while dramatically improving agent productivity. New customers and more conversions guaranteed.

The Benefits of OXON Contact Centre

Agents activity time tracking

Activity time tracking lets you track time spent by each Agent supporting customers and thereby gain a deeper visibility on the overall agents activity performance. Create your own agents’ time tracking functions like lunch break, smoke break, after call work etc…


A Timeline of Customer Interaction

A Timeline of Customer Interaction History on Agent UI shows the important historical data on agent interaction with a call record, emails sent and other information. Inclusive of number of call attempts and the end result of each call. See a customer’s sales history within the company or a customer’s past interaction with support. This allows your agents to know everything about the customer and enhance your customer experience.


Custom fields

You can add custom fields to contact details and increase communication efficiency by increasing information about the contact.

The value for your Business:


  • A 360-degree view of the customer
  • All employees know previous communication made with the customer
  • Omni-channel capabilities
  • Improves agent productivity and guide them through complex cases
  • Eliminates time-consuming application switching
  • Helps increase first caler resolution and improves customer satisfaction
  • Ensures quality and compliance measures are achieved
  • Reduces average handling times
  • Achieve faster response, delivery and resolution times
  • Reduces training agent times
  • Reduces costs of software investment
  • Boost employee productivity & workforce management
  • Customer satisfaction management
  • improve sales performance

Our Solutions

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