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Novaturas is the biggest travel agency in Baltic states and provides services for already 20 years.
400 employees
42 Contact Center agents
The firm used Oxon for years and it helped to improve several issues as well as upgrade business to a new level.


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The firm was faced with the following problems and challenges.
Need for a better management the customer support team
There was no communication services in website
Increase use of external support call centers, mostly for services telesales, arranging meetings and Computer Assisted Telephone Interviews (CATI)
Was using several different systems for different communication channels
Reduce operational costs and inefficiencies
There was no client’s travel history
The outbound calls were still using old telephone lines
Smooth web-chat and chat-bot integration to Novaturas website
CSAT and NPS increase, show of statistics data


Oxon’s solutions were implemented to solve every issue.
OXON contact center
OXON connects all the channels to a single, easy to use platform and collects all the history of chats from all channels: calls, emails, web-chat and etc. In this way a contact team of Novaturas always has all the information they need and will be able to offer a deal or solve a problem much faster since all the data in front of them. The team leaders or a head of the center will see all the statistics: how each agent is working, how many deals they closed, how fast they react to problems, an efficiency of team etc. The reporting system will allow leaders to get reports any time they want, once or twice a week, month or year. They also can choose what data they want to get; the information will be sent to their emails.
When a client is connecting Novaturas web-chat at first he will talk to a chat-bot. He can ask about prices, travel destinations, special offers, last minute deals etc. If a chat-bot cannot give a final answer to the client or cannot solve other issues the client will be automatically connected to a live-agent for a real time talk.
Chatbot is the most innovative tool in CRM at the moment. It allows you to save time resources and money while not disturbing live-agents with common issues. It can track client's services, give information about travel destinations, special offers, prices last minute deals, etc. In case the bot does not know a correct answer for customer's problems or cannot help in other ways it will connect him to the live-agent. The chatbot can be customized by the company; it allows to make the bot program as smart as you want.
Inbound and outbound calls, IVR, PBX, Skill Based Routing system
All inbound calls are divided by Skill Based Routing System. When people are calling to Novaturas IVR system, they have to choose the purpose of the call (check the status of their incoming holiday, contact with their travel agent etc.) If they are calling for the second time the PBX system will recognize their number and will connect them to the same agent as before. In case the agent is not available at the moment the system will connect the client with a random agent who will have all the information about the customer. There are 5 different types of outbound calls in OXON contact center: manual, semi automatic, automatic preview dialer, predictive dialer. There are possibilities to log all your sales orders during the call to our built-in CRM or send automatic SMS and an email after the call. Moreover, there are smart campaigns such as configuring automatic dialer modes, products, orderings etc. It is easy to make offers for clients, do sales or marketing with OXON outbound call system. Agents can send massive emails or SMS for customers in the lists created in OXON.
Recording of external calls
All Inbound calls can be recorded and agents or leaders can collect these records. All records will be visible in a history window.
Omni-Channel experience allows your customer to engage on their channel of choice. In this case Novaturas are using: calls, emails, SMS, web-chat, chat-bot and social networks.
Reporting system, Monitoring of active and queued calls and calls routing statistics
Reporting System: The team leaders or the head of the center will see all the statistics: how each agent is working, how many deals they closed, how fast they react to problems, the efficiency of a team etc. The reporting system will allow leaders to get reports any time they want, once or twice a week, month or year. They also can choose what data they want to get; the information will be sent to their emails.
Clients data collecting
OXON contact center collects all the data from all communication channels. The information can be seen by team leaders, or can be used on OXON dynamic agent desktop (OXON dynamic agent desktop pulls all your data into single, easy-to-use interface, so the team always will have all the data they require to resolve calls for the first time.) For example, in Novaturas agent desktop the agent will see all the information about a client who is contacting him: past trips, age, travel type, preferred destinations etc. All the information tab can be changed any time and the team leader can change the required line or fill the tab with new ones.
Created customized surveys, tracked clients experience and satisfaction
The travel agency wanted to gather clients' feedback via customizable surveys and thus ensure high quality services delivery through the entire continuum. The surveys can be sent automatically via OXON outbound calls system. When an agent finishes the chat the system automatically will send the survey to a client in SMS or by email.


After successful implementation the following results were achieved.
Before OXON With OXON
Average of call handling time
Annual contact centre operational costs
540 000
500 000
Annual contact centre operational costs decrease
First Call resolution
Email First reply time decrease
Customers flow decrease with Chat-bot
Average of emails handled
per day per agent
Average of calls handled
per day per agent
Callbacks answered
Customer NPS
The head or the lead of Call Center will see all the statistics of the business:
Employees’ efficiency
Resolution speed of the problems
Main destinations
What clients want from the agency, etc
and other information about the purposes of customers contacting this agency.
Cost savings through increased productivity of the company employees/agents (about 57000 eur each year), increased customer satisfaction.
The chat-bot does not simply save time or money. It can also collects leads and save them for the purpose of sending direct offers to clients in private.

It collects about 5% of customer leads from all the clients who has been using the chat-bot.