Telecommunication Industry

Oxon + Telecommunication Industry

ER-Telecom is a telecommunication company based in Russia, providing fixed line, broadband and mobile phone services.
35 000 employees
300 Contact Center agents
The firm used Oxon for years and it helped to improve several issues as well as upgrade business to a new level.


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The firm was faced with the following problems and challenges.
ER-Telecom needed modern CRM because of the following reasons:
Need for a secure and consistent access to the clients' data
Optimise use of all the staff resources resulting in increased efficiency and profitability
Increase proactive and self-service customer interactions
Need for a centralized database system
Build interaction with clients, track feedback via customized surveys
Reduce operational costs


Oxon’s solutions were implemented to solve every issue.
Omni-Channel experience allows your customer to engage on their channel of choice. In this case ER-Telecom is using: calls, emails, social networks, web-chat and chat-bot.
OXON dynamic agent desktop
OXON dynamic agent desktop pulls all your data into a single, easy-to-use interface. The team always will have the data they require to resolve calls for the first time. ER-Telecom is using OXON dynamic desktop to have all the information about their client in front of them. When a client is connecting with the contact center the agent will see: all the personal information, services in use, services used, payments, debts, etc. All the information was integrated to work back with OXON. In case a new client is calling, or gets a call from the agent, the agent will have an empty tab to fill the required information. All the information is saved in the data-system and will be visible for other agents too.
Diverting calls according
Calls are divided by Skill Based Routing system. People calling to IVR system have to choose the purpose of their call based on the problem they have. This way the system transfers them to an agent who has the most competence in resolving their issue. When the client is calling to ER-Telecom contact center the IVR system connects him to an agent who can react and solve his problem fast. If that agent could not help the client the agent can divert him to another agent with just one click.
Detail customer information data collecting and analysis on all channels
When an agent finishes a call or chat with a client, he can choose why he was connecting the call center or assign it to the theme. The leaders of contact center had an option to download any information they want: monthly employee’s efficiency, weekly efficiently, sales made that month and etc. All this information can be download by using Reporting System. All the information will be sent by email on an Excel file.
Automated 24/7 support chat-bot
The most innovative tool in CRM at the moment. It allows you to save time resources, money and not to disturb a live-agent with common issues. The chat-bot can be customized by the company; it allows you to make the bot program as smart as you want. When the client opens a web-chat he will be automatically connected to a chat-bot. Chat-bot was be customized by the ER-Telecom company and was made as unique as they want. It will be able to track client’s services or answer many common questions. For example: price of mobile plans, new phone possibilities, slow internet issues, how much they have to pay, etc. Only when the chat-bot cannot help the client to solve issues or answer to his questions, the live agent will be connected to the client and will resume the chat. ER-Telecom with chat-bot decreased about 21% of customer’s flow from live-agent. It is about 40 clients from only one live-agent per day.
Advanced reporting module
The reporting system can be used by the team leader. The reports will be sent by email. They can be ordered to get weekly, monthly or every day, and the system will send the ordered statistics to the leader. For example, the leader can order statistics about monthly employee’s efficiency, weekly efficiency, sales made that month, etc.
Outbound calls for sales, surveys, or update customer information
Outbound calls can be used for sales, marketing, surveys, etc. There are possibilities to log all your sales orders during the call to our built-in CRM or send automatic SMS or an email after the call. There are 5 different calling types in OXON contact center outbound calls: manual, semi automatic, automatic preview dialer, predictive dialer.
Automated messages after the conversation
It allows to evaluate customer service quality by automatically sending a message after the conversation. A text message can question things like: “Are you happy with the resolution of your problem?”, “Have you received a good customer experience?” etc.
Programmable redial and voicemail
IVR is a telephony technology that can read a combination of touch tone and voice input. It gives users the ability to access a database of information via phone. The typical IVR system has several menus of prerecorded options that the caller can choose from. If the client is calling to ER-Telecom contact center he has to choose the purpose of the call and will be connected to the agent with the most competence to answer. If the contact center is not working at that moment the voice mail will give the answer for the client and will save the number for call back.
Real-time web-chat
The web-chat system allows users to communicate in real time while using easily accessible web interfaces. At the beginning customers will talk with a chat-bot. The chat-bot is able to answer common questions. If the chat-bot does not have the answer or the issue is too difficult the chat is continued with the live agent in real time chat.


After successful implementation the following results were achieved.
Before OXON With OXON
Average of call handling time
Annual contact centre operational costs
5 043 400
4 470 000
Annual contact centre operational costs decrease
First Call resolution
Email First reply time decrease
Calls answered within 20s
Average of emails handled
per day per agent
Average of calls handled
per day per agent
Callbacks answered
Customer NPS
Overall benefits for the company
The head or lead of Call Center will see all the statistics of the business, employees’ efficiency, resolution speed of the problems, main issues and purposes why clients are contacting them.
Main benefits for the company
Cost savings through increased productivity of company agents (about 85 000 eur each year), increased customer satisfaction 67%.
With the chat-bot ER-Telecom decrease about 28% of customer’s flow from live-agents. About 56 customers per day from only one agent.