Stay home

Stay home!

Be safe and set up contact center right in your home
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With OXON is easy to stay both safe and effective

Companies are having great difficulties to adapt to health care recommendations and contribute to the fight with COVID-19. But our clients can spare one concern. Their communication with customers and partners does not have to be restricted. Our software was made to maintain relationships that are not tied to office desks.

Meet in OXON at 8 a.m. just like you used to

No shock will be felt moving the entire contact center at the homes of your employees. Our cloud-based solution enables customer service teams to effectively work from any part of the world. Agent and team leader desktops are identical, no matter if people log in from the work computer, tablet, or smartphone.
With cloud based contact center software all your customer support stuff can effectively operate from different locations at the same time.
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, Stay home

Multifunctional support-center in your browser

All communication channels are available video any browser even video calls or chatbot
The best part? Everything is finally collected in one place and your contact center specialists can multitask as effectively as ever.

How to…?

How to connect to OXON desktop?

You can use OXON from home through a browser, entering and logging in.


Agents are free to create their workplace anywhere. They can connect from a personal computers and
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Communicate with customers

Communicate with customers via voice and video calls, emails, social media, and chats
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Manage data

Manage client’s data from every channel in the one place - history meniu
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Get client's info

Get all the information about the client during the call or chat
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Track performance

See performance metrics and check how their colleagues are doing from distant home offices


Do not have to see all their employees in front of the. All they need is to connect to their account in order to
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Check dashboard

See all the real-time communication statistics
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Have reports

Get many different reports about campaigns, teams or agents
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Control agents

Keep an eye on their teams: see at what time agents have connected, their current status and activities, and how the team is meeting KPI standards
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Fix everything

React to any service delay after getting notifications
We recommend your clients to change their entire contact center system from office workers to home agents in areas having coronavirus cases. It’s time to protect your employees from possible risks and contribute to global actions stoping the virus from spreading.

Companies can leave customer support specialists safely at home, connected to their personal computers and headphones. We assure you that customer support or marketing will not feel any change.

With wishes of good health, OXON team
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