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, Zavarovalniška industrija
, Zavarovalniška industrija
AON je vodilno svetovno podjetje za profesionalne storitve, ki ponuja široko paleto rešitev za tveganja, upokojitev in zdravje.
200 employees
50 Contact Center agents
Podjetje že leta uporablja Oxon in je pomagalo izboljšati več vprašanj ter nadgraditi poslovanje na novo raven.


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Podjetje se je soočalo z naslednjimi težavami in izzivi.
Lietuvos Paštas je potreboval sodoben CRM za:
Hard to work with several systems at the same time
Slow search of customer information while taking a chat with him
No tracking of sales, results or other efficiency. Increase employee’s efficiency
Reduce operational costs
Clients satisfaction and experience improvement
There is no tracking of statistics inside business


Rešitve podjetja Oxon so bile uporabljene v skladu z vsako izdajo.
OXON contact center
OXON team created a customized insurance CRM system backed with task management system with integrated customer information inside. Also, OXON contact center connects all the channels and holds all customer communication history in one place.
OXON dynamic agent desktop
OXON dynamic agent desktop pulls all your data into one easy-to-use interface, so the team always will have all the data they require to resolve calls for the first time. The dynamic desktop allows agent to have all the information he needs when has a connection with client. The customer’s personal information appears when he connects. If client connects first time ever, agent at the end of the chat has to fill up empty tabs and the information will be added to the customer, if he will call back other agents will see that information too.
Ticketing system
When agent finishes a call or chat with a client, he can choose why he was connecting the call center or assign it to the theme. The themes are collecting from calls, chats, emails and etc., all the information is visible for the team leaders, managers or other leads. For example, AON can assign chats with clients to themes: personal life insurance, family life insurance, or retirement, risk insurance and etc. In that way the company will be able to keep track of the most common questions and arising problems.
Outbound calls. Recording of external calls
There are 5 different calling types in OXON contact center outbound calls: manual, semi automatic, automatic, preview dialer, predictive dialer. There are possibilities to log all your sales orders during the call to our built-in CRM or send automatic SMS and Email after the call. Or smart campaigns such as configuring of automatic dialer modes, products, ordering and etc.
Inbound calls
Inbound calls are used for AON support. While using Omni-channel it allows their customers to engage on their channel of choice. All supports are using OXON dynamic agent desktop, together those tools allow agent to work efficiently and increase the customers NPS. OXON customer satisfaction surveys and NPS measurements allow to track every call performance and improve CX.
Monitoring of active and queued calls and calls routing statistics
Reporting system
Reporting system allows team leaders and head of contact center to order all stats they want: all agent’s efficiency, sales information, statistics of NPS, calls made, call-backs made and etc. All the ordered statistics can be send in email anytime they order it: once a day, twice a day, one time in week or month. All the statistics will come in Excel files.
A Web-chat system allows user to communicate in real time while using easily accessible web interfaces. At the beginning client will talk with chat-bot. Chat-bot will be customized by the AON company and will be as unique as they want, he will be able to answer any common answers, for example about insurance prices, retirement investment percent’s and etc. Only when chat-bot can’t help client to solve the issues or answer to his questions, the live agent will be connected to the client and will resume the chat.
Chat-bot - most innovating tool in CRM at the moment. It allows to save your recourses of time, money and do not disturb live-agent with common issues. It can track client services, give answer for shipment or post location, sent you a bill, etc. If bot doesn’t know a correct answer for your problem or can’t help you in other ways, it will connect you to live-agent. The chat-bot can be customized by the company; it allows you to make bot program as smart as you want. AON Baltics with chat-bot decreased about 19% of customer’s flow from live-agent. Its about 30 clients from one live-agent per day.


Po uspešni izvedbi so bili doseženi naslednji rezultati.
Povprečje časa obdelave klicev
Letni operativni stroški kontaktnega centra
590 000
530 000
Letni operativni stroški kontaktnega centra se zmanjšajo
Ločitev prvega klica
E-pošta Čas prvega odgovora se je zmanjšal
Pretok strank se zmanjša s Chat-botom
Povprečje obdelanih e-poštnih sporočil
na dan na agenta
Povprečje opravljenih klicev
na dan na agenta
Odgovoril je na povratne klice
NPS stranke
Overall benefits for the company
Vodja ali vodja klicnega centra bo videl vso statistiko poslovanja, učinkovitost zaposlenih, hitrost reševanja težav, glavna vprašanja in namene, zakaj stranke komunicirajo z njimi.
Main benefits for company
Prihranek stroškov z večjo produktivnostjo zaposlenih / agentov podjetja (približno 59000 eur vsako leto), večje zadovoljstvo strank.