ROI Calculator

ROI calculator

Return on Investment (ROI) is a performance measure used to evaluate the efficiency of an investment or compare the efficiency of a number of different investments.

What Oxon hight ROI means for you?

Cost reduction
The migration should enable you to reduce or even eliminate some costs involving maintenance, system upgrades and administrative tasks. Oxon users see 20% cost reduction on average after switching due to increased productivity and Chat-bot automatization.
Greater productivity
With the right solution, you’ll increase productivity in a variety of ways, including faster agent handling time, more effective self-service interactions and greater workforce collaboration. 360-degree view of the customer and all-in-one agent desktop with productivity tools increases the productivity of agents.
Employee retention
Your employees’ satisfaction is an important benefit with considerable value. With a solution that offers the right information, support and workforce optimization capabilities, you can set up employees for greater satisfaction and success while also delivering on business goals.
Increased income
You might gain new opportunities to enable additional income in the form of sales or marketing campaigns or from improved customer satisfaction scores.
Increased customer satisfaction
Customers are happier when they're getting fast and straight to the point support. Also, you'll be able to analyze and track customer satisfaction ratings & feedback from all the channels.
Just an awesome strategic decision for you support center
Add the dollar value of each benefit to get your net ROI. Now use the calculation to determine the ROI of your contact center migration.