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UA Realty Group company is specializing in all real estate matters in Kiev, Ukraine. Agency always looking for new clients and investors from Western, trying attract new invests to city of Kiev.
25 employees
10 Contact Center agents
The firm’s used Oxon for years and it helped to improve several issues as well as upgrade business to a new level.


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The firm was faced with the following problems and challenges.
Lietuvos Paštas needed modern CRM to:
There are no communication services in web-site, integrate web-chat to web site
Reducing operational costs and inefficiencies
Still using several different systems for different channels
Centralized database system to have secure and consistent access to client data
IVR customization to clients connect directly to agent who is responsible for that listing
Ticketing system installation and customization


Oxon’s solutions were implemented accordingly every issue.
Omni-channel abilities
Omni-Channel experience allows your customer to engage on their channel of choice. UA Realty are using: Calls, Emails, Web-chat.
Web-chat integration
Web-chat allows agents to chat with few clients at the same time. It saves time and increases agents efficiency. Fast respond time increases customers experience and satisfaction.
OXON dynamic agent desktop
OXON dynamic agent desktop lets agent have all their listings information in front of them, when client says the object he has interested in, agent in a few seconds will have all the details about it in front of him. If the client isn’t calling for the first time the agent will see all the information about his client in desktop.
OXON contact center
OXON contact center allows UA Realty to be connected in all communication channels in one easy to use system. All agents have their own calendars and can set reminders about incoming meeting or call backs, can easily share the information between themselves and do all other casual stuff in one multifunctional system.
IVR systems set up
UA Realty IVR system is set up to directly connect the agent who is responsible for that listing, client only needs to enter the unique code of listing and he will be connected with the responsible agent. If client doesn’t know the code, he will be connected to random agent.
Ticketing system
Ticketing system lets agents to create ticket for client if the agent can’t help him in a first call, the ticket will be open until agent or someone of the contact center will solve the issue or get deal done. Tickets can be used if client comes with a demands of his own, and agency can’t offer any of listing at the moment, the ticket will be open until agency finds something to offer for the client or until client cancel the demand. Tickets can be assign for the themes too; it can be used as a folder to keep the listings of exact neighbourhood, price, VIP clients and etc.
Massive promotion messages for new listings
Massive promotion or offers can be send through OXON contact center via contact lists or only for themed tickets/agents. Massive messages are easy to use interface which can be used for sales, marketing or other promotions.
Recording of external calls
All external calls to UA Realty is recorded and saved in history page, agents and team leaders will have all the access to history and will be able to listen of all calls records or watch other history from all of the channels.
Build interaction with clients via customized surveys
OXON created customized messages to track UA Realty feedback from clients. Customized surveys are send in email or SMS in a moment when agent or customer finishes the chat. Surveys can be customized any time, automatic surveys can be turned off, or can be configured to use like massive messages tool.


After successful implementation the following results were achieved.
Before OXON With OXON
Average of call handling time
Annual contact centre operational costs
10 400
9 000
Annual contact centre operational costs decrease
First Call resolution
Email First reply time decrease
Calls answered within 20s
Customers flow decrease with Chat-bot
Average of emails handled
per day per agent
Average of calls handled
per day per agent
Callbacks answered
Customer NPS