Outbound Calls

Outbound Calls for Sales, Marketing & Data Collection

Logging all sales orders on call
Log all your sales orders during the call to our built-in CRM. Motivate your agent by the automatic bonus-countering system from logged sales
Automatic SMS & Email after the call
Select call ending reason that sends emails or text messages automatically to your customers after the call. These follow up messages greatly improves the conversion rate of your sales and overall customer experience
Sales acceleration tools
Predictive dialer, scripts, big screen gamification, agent matchmaking, intelligent list and lead handling, agent goals, and rewards… all seamlessly integrated
Smart campaigns
Configuring of automatic dialer modes, products, ordering, rewards, commission management, on-call intelligent survey tools, QA, data handling and more

Average calls

per agent everyday

Conversion makers

per day

Average ACW time


Handing after a call


An efficient Outbound Calls strategy, what is it?

We offer various types of outbound calls and attendant tools for reaching the maximum efficiency of an agent’s work. Starting from the preparing conversation manuscript and ending post-conversational survey: your agent’s daily workflow takes a well-defined system and you no longer lose any useful data about your customers.

Agent productivity

Efficiency increased up to 30% by managing orders and taking surveys during a call 130%
Predictive dialers can improve agent productivity by 400% 400%

Up to 60% more calls using automatic calling methods 60%
Conversion rates increase by 128% 128%
Predictive dialers increase agent utilisation from 40 minutes per hour to 57 minutes per hour 42%

Full list of Outbound Calls features

Campaigns with specific job requirements
Call termination
Ticketing system
Customer callback
Manual calls
Semi-automatic calls
Automatic calls
Predictive Dialer
Visual calls scenario development
Call records
Records quick search
NPS - net promoter score
Integration with CRM
Integration with internal systems (back-end)
Mini CRM
Automatic email, SMS
Freezing/blocking a client
Live dashboard: Incoming / outgoing calls
Regulation and control of outgoing calls
4 communication channels
Income and commission calculation tools by campaign or agent
Automatic duplicate detection
Proactive survey management
CATI surveys