6 reasons brands choose Oxon over Kustomer

Customer service experience is very important.
That’s why we provide customer support teams with a friendly chat experience through truly easy-to-use omnichannel software.
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Oxon offers all channels natively, including voice

A truly omnichannel platform

Oxon is different from Kustomer in that because it offers phone, email, and chat channels in one place, you only have one system to work with.
Oxon’s UX is the same for all channels when it comes to setting up daily use.
No matter what channel customers and agents use, it creates consistency resulting in a better experience for both.
Forget silos and get to know the best alternative for Kustomer!

Raise your hand if you want to have fewer data sources

Keep your data in sync

Unlike Kustomer, Oxon doesn’t synchronize data with your external systems because that can be cluttered.
You probably already have a couple of different datasets you use between CRM, ecommerce platform, ERP system and something else.
Therefore, it is not worth adding another dataset to this mix.
Instead, all the data you need on Oxon is always consistent and up-to-date.
You can also use your external data to route incoming conversations to the appropriate Oxon queues and agents.
We want you to make the most of existing data and not create new sets.
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Seriously, we’re consistently voted #1

The easiest software to implement and use

Oxon is developed by customer service professionals which makes it easy to install and even easier to learn.
As a result, customer service teams can manage their setup, make changes in real-time and thus avoid seeking help from IT professionals.
Consistently voted #1 by our users in usability and implementation, we want to make our platform more intuitive so agents and administrators can focus on the customer, and not worry about the software. Check out our user reviews to see why we are the best choice!

Agents are the true champions and we want to make their lives better

Frictionless agent experience

To ensure that customer service professionals do their job without difficulty, we created Oxon with CX experts who guide us every day.
Oxon’s omnichannel platform ensures that agents have all the necessary context without leaving the platform.
Oxon always prefers the experience of agents, so brands choose us as an alternative to Kustomer.

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We’ll always have your back

A partner you can trust

At Oxon, we believe in Customer Friendship, which means treating customers the same way we treat our friends.
This is why Oxon has a Customer Success team and Customer Experience team ready to help you from the moment you become our user.
We will always prioritize you and keep your needs front and center.
Because we want our friends to succeed!

We Are Always With You Virtually.

Virtual Assistant

We offer Virtual Assistants that are great for reducing time costs.
Instead of you, they can search images, format them as required and preview before making them public.
Your Virtual assistant can manage the publishing schedule so that the posts can be published regularly.
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