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, Industria energetica
Ignitis è ora una soluzione unica per tutti gli obiettivi energetici. Questa società ha fuso “Lietuvos energijos tiekimas”, “Gile” e “Litgas” in una sola società.
1800 employees
110 Contact Center agents
L’azienda ha usato Oxon per anni e ha aiutato a migliorare diversi problemi e a portare il business a un nuovo livello.


al mese


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L’azienda ha dovuto affrontare i seguenti problemi e sfide.
Integrate OXON call center and make it work with internal CRM and Data systems
Make communication in web-site
Customize and integrate chat-bot to Ignitis web-site
Create external support call centers, mostly for services telesales, arranging meetings and Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI)
Centralized database system to have secure and consistent access to client data
Reduce operational costs


Le soluzioni di Oxon sono state implementate di conseguenza ogni problema.
OXON contact center integration with back Ignitis systems
OXON contact center is one easy to use platform and can easily be connected with any other inside system. Ignitis uses inside CRM and database systems, OXON easily integrated those two systems to be useful in OXON contact center.
Integration of web-chat to Ignitis web site
Ignitis wanted to had communication inside their web site. OXON integrated their web-chat to OXON contact center to make communication easier between clients in web site and contact center. Web-chat has two main benefits: agents can consult more than one client in a time and web-chat collects leads emails, saves them in database and they can be used any time for any offer, promo or etc.
Chat-bot integration
Chat-bot integration was easy to set up when Ignitis web-chat was working properly. Before client is connected to live agent, client has to chat with bot. Chat-bot is able to answer about gas or electricity prices, register problems, services or other maintenance. Chat-bot of Ignitis decrease up to 30% of workload from agents.
Functionalities of OXON contact center used by Ignitis: calls, emails, web-chat, chat-bot. Omni-Channel experience allows your customer to engage on their channel of choice.
Advanced reporting system
Reporting system is tool for leader, managers or heads of center. It allows to order any kind of statistics and information about Ignitis business. Leaders who has this tool can easily make automatic reports from systems and can choose any kind of statistics, information or other data and can choose when they want to have it. For example, once a day team leader of Igntis contact center can order to get all the statistics about NPS, everyday on selected time he will receive an email with chosen information. Bonus system can be uses to improve agent efficiency by keeping them challenging, OXON counts all the bonuses for Ignitis, agents can see about their bonuses in they desktop.
Customized OXON dynamic agent desktop
OXON dynamic agent desktop pulls all your data into one easy-to-use interface, so the team always will have all the data they require to resolve calls for the first time. Ignitis uses dynamic agent desktop to see all the information about the client when they connect them. All the personal details, services in use, paid bill or incoming payments and other information about the client. This customized field help agent to solve problem way faster, he doesn’t have to search for information about the client while taking a call and agent’s efficiency increases at least 30%. When call handling time decreases the customer CSAT increases twice.
IVR set up and configuration for Ignitis
IVR is a telephony technology that can read a combination of touch tone and voice input. It gives users the ability to access a database of information via phone. A typical IVR system has several menus of prerecorded options that the caller can choose from. Client who is calling to Ignitis has to choose the purpose of his call: gas prices, electricity prices, “Sun parks” program, electricity for home, gas for home, gas for business, electricity for business and etc. When client choose all IVR options, but still needs agent to speak with, the agent who has most competency will answer the call to help client. After the chat agent can send sms or email to the client with all the prices, plans, services and etc.
Monitoring of active and queued calls and calls routing statistics
OXON has active and queued lines showing them the information about the SLA and other details in the bottom of desktop.
Ticketing system
Ticketing system allows agent to create tickets for client’s problems, services or other issues. Ignitis can assign tickets to themes, all themes save the same issue tickets or same services tickets. For example, all the Sun park orders will be in one theme assign folder and when Ignitis will have news or problems with that service they will send massive message for all the clients who is assigned to that theme. Ticketing system is also used for short time issues, when client has problem and connect to contact center, but agent couldn’t help him from the first talk, agent creates the ticket for the exact client problem. Ticket will be open until problem will be solved and agent will close the ticket by selecting call ending reason.


Dopo un’implementazione di successo sono stati raggiunti i seguenti risultati.
Prima di OXON Con OXON
Media del tempo di gestione delle chiamate
Costi operativi annuali del centro di contatto
1 100 000
860 000
I costi operativi annuali del centro di contatto diminuiscono
Risoluzione della prima chiamata
Email Il primo tempo di risposta diminuisce
Risposte alle chiamate entro 20s
Il flusso dei clienti diminuisce con il Chat-bot
Media di email gestite
al giorno per agente
Media delle chiamate gestite
al giorno per agente
I richiami hanno risposto
NPS del cliente
Ignitis con il Chat-bot diminuisce circa il 16% del flusso di clienti dai live-agent. Circa 22 clienti al giorno per ogni agente.
Overall benefits for the company
Il capo o il responsabile del Call Center vedrà tutte le statistiche del business, l’efficienza dei dipendenti, la velocità di risoluzione dei problemi, le questioni principali e gli scopi per cui i clienti li stanno contattando.
Main benefits for company
Risparmio di costi attraverso una maggiore produttività dei dipendenti/agenti dell’azienda (circa 240 000 eur ogni anno), maggiore soddisfazione del cliente.
Extra benefits
Quando l’agente termina una chiamata o una chat con un cliente, può scegliere perché stava collegando il call center o assegnarlo al tema. I temi vengono raccolti da chiamate, chat, e-mail e così via, tutte le informazioni sono visibili per i team leader, manager o altri agenti. In questo modo l’azienda sarà in grado di tenere traccia delle domande più comuni e dei problemi che sorgono.