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, Industria de producción y mayorista
, Industria de producción y mayorista
Svyturys-Utenos Alus es la empresa cervecera más grande de Lituania, también forman parte del grupo Carlsberg.
350 employees
10 Contact Center agents
La empresa ha utilizado Oxon durante años y ayudó a mejorar varios problemas, así como a actualizar el negocio a un nuevo nivel.


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La empresa se enfrentó a los siguientes problemas y desafíos.
Lietuvos Paštas necesitaba un CRM moderno para:
The customer flow for agents are too big
Too many apps and software’s are using in the office
Leaders or managers can’t track their employees work. There is no statistics about calls, email and etc. All agents need to update all the details in Excel program
For the agents is hard to find information about client while they are talking with him
There is no list of missed call
Recall for the customers are registered in Excel. There are no reminders or alert if agent forgets to call back
Make communication in web-site
Create external support call centers, mostly for services telesales, arranging meetings and Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI)


Las soluciones de Oxon se implementaron en consecuencia para cada problema.
OXON contact center – multi functional system allows increase employees efficiency
OXON contact center has ability to quickly respond to customer inquiry using various communication channels. Svyturys-Utenos Alus agents has big flow of customers and call handling time is too long, first call resolution is low too. OXON contact center lets agent have all the systems he need in on easy to use system. OXON increases employee’s efficiency and allows agents to take care of more customers in one working day.
Omni-channel connects all communication tool to one easy to use platform
Omni-channel for Svyturys-Utenos Alus lets have to increase customer experience and CSAT with increased agent’s efficiency, first call resolution and call handling time. Svyturys-Utenos Alus channels uses: calls, emails, web-chat and chat-bot.
Reporting system
Reporting system lets leaders to get any kind of information about business, agents, sales and etc. All the statistics will be sent to leader’s email when he orders it. For example, Svyturys-Utenos Alus sales office head can order weekly sales statistics, it will show all information about exact agent and all sales team in one document. The OXON system will generate all that information and statistics and will sent it to email automatically. It can be ordered as weekly, daily or monthly statistics, all the details are set up by leader.
OXON dynamic agent desktop
OXON dynamic agent desktop allows to have all tools for work in one window. Agent will see all the information about the customer while talking and will save time to not search for information while taking a chat. Svyturys-Utenos Alus agents will see customer’s personal details, orders made, incoming orders, date of delivery, products ordered and etc. It will allow to increase agent’s efficiency by decreasing call handling time and customers NPS.
Outbound calls
Outbound calls. These calls are usually made to their client to makes sales, complete survey, update customer information or provide services. Svyturys-Utenos Alus usually use outbound calls as main tool of their sales. All calls are easily made in OXON contact center, there is automatic dealing and agent needs just to select client with who he wants to talk.
IVR system
Calls are divided by Skill Based Routing system. People who calling to Svyturys-Utenos Alus in IVR system have to choose the purpose of their call based on the question or problem they have. This way the system transfers them to an agent who has the most competency in resolving their issue. For example, is client is calling for order, he will be connected to the agent who is responsible for that sector. When agent finishes a call or chat with a client, he can choose why he was connecting the call center or assign it to the theme. The themes are collecting from calls, chats, emails and etc., all the information is visible for the team leaders, managers or other agents. In that way the company will be able to keep track of the most common questions and arising problems.
Live chat and chat bot integration to their web pages
OXON contact center is saving all the history of calls, email, chats and all other channels. The agent will see all the history of all channels, or just of calls, or just one client. Agent can check all missed calls and other communications missed connection. In that way agent is able to recall the client or set alert or reminder to call back in time he wants.
Ticketing system
Svyturys-Utenos Alus has two web-sites for both brands. OXON integrated customized web-chats for both web sites. A Web-chat system allows user to communicate in real time while using easily accessible web interfaces. If client tries to connect web-chat at the beginning, he will talk with chat-bot. The chat-bot is able to give an answers to client about the products, brands and other common information for clients. If chat-bot is not able to answer the question of client, or doesn’t know the answer, client automatically will connect to the live-agent and will talk to agent in real time via web-chat.


Después de una implementación exitosa, se lograron los siguientes resultados.
Antes de OXON Con OXON
Promedio de tiempo de manejo de llamadas
Costos operativos anuales del centro de contacto
112 000
96 000
Disminución de los costos operativos anuales del centro de contacto
Resolución de primera llamada
Disminución del tiempo de primera respuesta de correo electrónico
Llamadas respondidas en 20 segundos
Los clientes fluyen disminuyen con Chat-bot
Promedio de correos electrónicos manejados
por día por agente
Promedio de llamadas atendidas
por día por agente
Devolución de llamada respondida
NPS del cliente
Overall benefits for the company
El jefe o líder del Call Center verá todas las estadísticas del negocio, la eficiencia de los empleados, la velocidad de resolución de los problemas, los problemas principales y los propósitos por los que los clientes los están contactando.
Main benefits for company
Ahorro de costes gracias al aumento de la productividad de los empleados / agentes de la empresa (aproximadamente 26000 euros cada año), mayor satisfacción del cliente.
Extra benefits
Cuando el agente finaliza una llamada o chatea con un cliente, puede elegir por qué estaba conectando el centro de llamadas o asignarlo al tema. Los temas se recopilan de llamadas, chats, correos electrónicos, etc., toda la información es visible para los líderes de equipo, gerentes u otros agentes. De esa manera, la empresa podrá realizar un seguimiento de las preguntas más comunes y los problemas que surjan.