Health Care Institution

Oxon + Health Care Industry

Lode (Лодэ) clinics – one of the biggest private health care institutions across Belarus, working in Minsk, Brest, Grodno.
1500 employees
50 Contact Center agents
The firm used Oxon for years and it helped to improve several issues as well as upgrade business to a new level.


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The firm was faced with the following problems and challenges.
Lode clinics needed modern CRM because of the following reasons:
Weak contact center interaction with patient’s EHR and PMS systems
No information about a patient inside contact center
Was using several different systems for different communication channels
There was no patient's experience or satisfaction tracking
Old outbound system, manual dialing with phone
There was no connection between different channels
Data collection was poor
Need for a better management of customer support teams; there was no tracking of business statistics
Reduce operational costs and inefficiencies, without using different systems
Improve client’s satisfaction and experience with customized surveys


Oxon’s solutions were implemented to solve every issue.
OXON integration with EHR and PMS systems
EHR – electronic health records, collection of patients’ medical information. PMS – property management system, showing the schedule of free slots for patients visits. OXON contact center has the ability to be integrated with almost any system. Lode’s clinics had the most important challenge: integrate OXON with their EHR and PMS systems to make the perfect connection and dot lose any important information about the patients and their history of appointments.
Automatic appearing patient personal information when connecting with them
When a patient connects the contact center for the first time, an agent has to fill up a table with information about the patient: birth date, phone number, his personal doctor etc. The table can be customized any time after integration. Later on, when the client is contacting Lode’s contact center the agent will see all the information about his patient and will be able to help him faster.
Monitoring of active and queued calls and calls routing statistics
OXON has active and queued lines showing them the information about the SLA and other details in the bottom of the desktop.
Omni-channel: client chooses how to connect company
Omni-Channel experience allows your customer to engage on their channel of choice. Lode’s clinics are using: Calls, Emails, Web-chat, Chat-bot.
Web-chat API integration with OXON contact center
The web-chat system allows the user to communicate in real time while using easily accessible web interfaces. When a patient opens a web-chat on the clinics website he will be automatically connected to a chat-bot. If the chat-bot is not able to answer, the clients will be automatically transferred to a live-agent. Web-chat main benefit: agents can consult more than one client at the time.
Create and customize Chat-bot
The most innovative tool in CRM at the moment. It allows you to save time resources, money and not to disturb the live-agent with common issues. The chat-bot is able to answer about patient’s appointments, remind them about medicine use or make an appointment. If the bot does not know the correct answer for the customer's problem or cannot help him in other ways, it will connect the client with a live-agent. Chat-bot can be customized by the company; it allows you to make the bot program as smart as you want.
Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
PBX call strategy. In case a certain client tries to reach the contact center, he will be automatically transferred to the exact same agent he previously spoke with. If the agent is not available at the moment, another agent will see all the client’s history in the system. If the patient was talking with his, for example, doctor’s secretary, at the time of the second call he will be automatically connected with the same secretary.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
Calls are divided by Skill Based Routing system. People calling to IVR system have to choose the purpose of their call based on the problem they have. This way the system transfers them to an agent who has the most competence in resolving their issue. When customers are calling to Lode’s IVR system, first they have to choose in which city they need services: Minsk, Brest, Grodno. After that they have to select the purpose of their call: need for an appointment, extra visit, etc. Then they are connected to the live agent in their chosen city. For example, the patient is calling for an appointment; the chosen clinic has all the information about their free times and can give fast and correct answers.
Reporting system
Reporting system lets team leaders or head of the contact center to order any kind of information, data or statistics from OXON contact center system. It allows leaders to track their workers’ efficiency, main problems, issues and any other difficulties the company deals with, it helps the company to build the interaction with clients and keep rising their CSAT or NPS
Ticketing system for tracking history
When an agent finishes a call or a chat with a client, he can choose why he was connecting the call center or assign it to the theme. The themes are collected from calls, chats, emails, etc. All the information is visible for the team leaders, managers or other agents. In this way the company will be able to keep track of the most common questions and arising problems.
OXON dynamic agent desktop
OXON dynamic agent desktop pulls all your data into a single, easy-to-use interface, so the team always will have the data they require to resolve problems for the first time. The contact center customize the agent’s desktop with a window that will show all the information about the patient when he contacts the center. If the patient is calling for the first time the agent will have to fill all required tabs while talking or after the chat. Required tabs: personal information, name, surname, sex, medicines used, residence address, blood type, personal doctor etc. Custom fields can be changed any time.


After successful implementation the following results were achieved.
Before OXON With OXON
Average of call handling time
Annual contact centre operational costs
610 000
580 000
Annual contact centre operational costs decrease
First Call resolution
Email First reply time decrease
Calls answered within 20s
Customers flow decrease with Chat-bot
Average of emails handled
per day per agent
Average of calls handled
per day per agent
Callbacks answered
Customer NPS
Overall benefits for the company
The head or the lead of Call Center will see all the statistics of the business, employees’ efficiency, resolution speed of the problems, main issues and purposes why clients are contacting them.
Main benefits for the company
Cost savings through increased productivity of the company employees/agents (about 52000 eur each year), increased customer satisfaction.
Extra benefits
When the agent finishes a call or a chat with a client, he can choose why he was connecting the call center or assign it to the theme. The themes are collecting from calls, chats, emails and etc., all the information is visible for the team leaders, managers or other leads. In that way the company will be able to keep track of the most common questions and arising problems.