Gestión de empleados

Gestión de empleados de Oxon


Existen 3 niveles generales en el sistema Oxon: supervisor, líder de equipo y equipo. Dependiendo de estos niveles, diseñamos 2 diferentes softwares: software para gerentes / líderes de equipo y software para gerentes / líderes de equipo y software para trabajadores / agentes .
The supervisor manages all the processes, tasks and adjustments. The dashboard with real-time performance, reports, and analytics figures is available for Supervisors.
The team leader has almost the same facilities, he/she works with reports, dashboards, and analytics as well but with restricted access privilege. The team leader manages teams.
The team is consists of agents, who work directly with the clients on making or receiving calls, making chats, mailing with clients and so on. Every agent's performance is displayed for team leaders and supervisors in real-time.

Software para agente:

Communicates with customers through all communication channels
Easy to use interface
We created a system that does not require long onboarding. An agent can learn everything just opening a desktop and navigating!
All channels in one window
The agent does not have to change between windows and tabs anymore and can find answers faster
Customer information & historical timeline
All customer information from every communication channel is pulled in one place to help you see the better view
, Gestión de empleados

Software para líder de equipo:

Team leader
Used by team leaders of the company as well as directors and executives.
Creates & manages workflow
You can create scripts, messages templates and other tools for agents to use. The team leader also see all the upcoming tasks and manage them
Analyzes agents’ performance
See all real-time and past analytics. Manage them by campaigns, groups or agents. Get all the reports you need to see how your teams are performing.
Sees customers’ problems & satisfaction levels
Manage all the ticket history to get insights into the most common problems and see result graphs showing customer satisfaction
, Gestión de empleados

Todo en uno

La plataforma OXON se crea para tener interacción con el cliente a través de teléfono, chat web, correo electrónico y redes sociales conectados en un solo lugar.

Es un sistema maravillosamente simple para rastrear, priorizar y resolver Atención al cliente Entradas.


Oxon no es solo un centro de soporte clásico; también es una pila de herramientas poderosas para gestión del flujo de trabajo y gestión de la relación con el cliente Con Oxon, puede recopilar y procesar datos para informes analíticos, realizar un seguimiento de la actividad y el rendimiento de los empleados y muchas más cosas. Aprende más