Reasons why brands choose Oxon vs. Freshdesk

The days of impersonal ticket communication have passed.
Now customers expect quick, convenient and personalized interactions. Therefore, Oxon offers a conversational approach to customer support.
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Channel-neutral conversations beat tickets.

Tickets in the past were transactional and worked to facilitate a practical solution.
However, today’s customers expect a highly personal, omnichannel customer experience.
To achieve this, support teams must be able to accurately prioritize and route each customer request to the right agent at the right time, regardless of the channel used.
Oxon enables continuous conversations, allowing support agents to deliver highly personal responses to every customer, on their channel of choice.

A better AX for a better CX.

Today’s agents need to be well trained and equipped with the right tools and knowledge to solve a variety of customer problems.
Unfortunately, traditional ticketing systems such as Freshdesk leave agents switching between multiple tabs and using systems that leave data scattered.
A great customer experience starts with a great agent experience.
That’s why Oxon combines communication channels and customer data to provide agents with a holistic view of customers in a single view.
This way agents provide a quick, personalized service every time.
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Intelligent omnichannel routing.

The problem is that ticketing systems lack the flexibility to customize journeys based on your unique business needs.
As a result, customer requests get stuck in silo channels and support teams risk missing customers who need critical help.
Oxon’s omnichannel routing ensures that customer conversations continue uninterrupted as they move between channels or agents.
It takes a data-driven approach to recognize journeys, so the right inquiries reach the right agents at the right time based on rules you set.

Best-in-class usability and implementation.

Oxon gives customer service teams the ability to control their setup and make changes.
Consistently voted #1 by our very own users in usability and implementation, we strive to make our platform as intuitive as possible so agents and administrators can focus on the customer, not the software.
Don’t just take our word for it, check out some reviews by our very own users to see why we are the best Freshdesk alternative out there!
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24/7 Customer Support!

We want you to be successful in building a strong and loyal customer base, never having to worry about your customer service software, so we’ve made sure to always have your back.
This is why Oxon has Customer Success and Customer Experience teams ready to help you from the moment you become our user.
Our customers are more than partners – they’re our friends.

Virtual Assistant

We provide Virtual Assistants that are great in reducing time-consuming efforts.
They can search images, format them according to requirements and preview them before publishing. Your Virtual Assistants can manage the publishing schedule to make sure your posts are growing regularly.

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