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, Service postal
AB Lietuvos pastas: entreprise publique, responsable des services postaux et financiers.
5000 employees
60 Contact Center agents
L’entreprise utilise Oxon depuis des années et cela a permis d’améliorer plusieurs problèmes ainsi que de faire passer l’entreprise à un niveau supérieur.


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L’entreprise était confrontée aux problèmes et défis suivants.
Lietuvos Paštas avait besoin d’un CRM moderne pour :
Build interaction with clients, track feedback via customized surveys
Improve experience and satisfaction of clients
Still using several different systems for different communication channels
Reducing operational costs and inefficiencies
Better manage customer support teams, there is no tracking of business statistics inside
There is no data collecting about customers


Les solutions d’Oxon ont été mises en œuvre en fonction de chaque problème.
Omni-Channel experience allows your customer to engage on their channel of choice. In this case Lietuvos Pastas is using: calls, emails, social networks, web-chat and chat-bot.
OXON dynamic agent desktop
OXON dynamic agent desktop pulls all your data into one easy-to-use interface, so the team always will have all the data they require to resolve calls for the first time. The contact center of post customized the desktop of agent with window that will show all the information about client when he contacts center. If the client is calling for the first time the agent will have to fill all required tabs while talking or after the chat. Required tabs: customer’s phone or email contact, services provided, tracking ID if services are ordered. Custom fields can be changed any time.
OXON contact center
OXON connects all the channels and holds all customer communication history in one place. If Lietuvos pastas customer connects any of the channels the system will collect all the history of his orders, reports or other issues in the systems data base. The contact center agents or team leaders will always have the information about his client if he isn’t connecting them for the first time. • When agent finishes a call or chat with a client, he can choose why he was connecting the call center or assign it to the theme. The themes are collecting from calls, chats, emails and etc., all the information is visible for the team leaders, managers or other agents. In that way the company will be able to keep track of the most common questions and arising problems.
Ticketing System
When agent finishes a call or chat with a client, he can choose why he was connecting the call center or assign it to the theme. The themes are collecting from calls, chats, emails and etc., all the information is visible for the team leaders, managers or other agents. In that way the company will be able to keep track of the most common questions and arising problems.
Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
IVR is a telephony technology that can read a combination of touch tone and voice input. It gives users the ability to access a database of information via phone. A typical IVR system has several menus of prerecorded options that the caller can choose from. If the client is calling to Lietuvos pastas contact center has to choose from 6 options at the beginning: mobile postman, finance, shipments, business clients or menu in English or Russian. After the choose the client is connected with live agent or transferred to next queue and have to choose one more option before connecting an agent.
Skill Based Routing system
Calls are divided by Skill Based Routing system. When people calling to Lietuvos Pastas IVR system have to choose the purpose of their call based on the problem they have. This way the system transfers them to an agent who has the most competency in resolving their issue. For example, if the client is choosing business option at the beginning the system will contact him to the agent who is responsible for business clients or have competency to give answers about post services for business.
Private Branch Exchange (PBX)
PBX call strategy. In case the exact same client tries to reach the contact center, he will automatically be transferred to the exact same agent that he previously spoke, if an agent is available at that moment. If not, other agent will see all the history from that client in the system. If customer missing his shipment and he is connecting live agent, at the beginning he will get a random agent who is responsible for issues like this, if the agent can’t solve the problem from the first call, the client will wait for response. If the client doesn’t get a callback he will call back or connects other way to the contact center, in that way PBX system will connect him to the same agent, with who he has been talking before, in the case that agent will not be able at that moment, the client will be transferred to another agent, who will have all the information about that issue from previous agent.
A Web-chat system allows user to communicate in real time while using easily accessible web interfaces. At the beginning customers will talk with chat-bot, if they have common issues the chat-bot will be able to give them an answer. For example, about shipping prices, tracking ID or local post codes and etc. If chat-bot doesn’t have an answer or the issue is too big to solve it the chat is continued with live agent in real time chat.
Most innovating tool in CRM at the moment. It allows to save your recourses of time, money and do not disturb live-agent with common issues. It can track client services, give answer for shipment or post location, sent you a bill, etc. If bot doesn’t know a correct answer for your problem or can’t help you in other ways, it will connect you to live-agent. The chat-bot can be customized by the company; it allows you to make bot program as smart as you want.
Recording of external calls
Reporting system
Monitoring of active and queued calls and calls routing statistics.


Après une mise en œuvre réussie, les résultats suivants ont été atteints.
Avant OXON Avec OXON
Temps moyen de traitement des appels
Coûts opérationnels annuels des centres de contact
720 000
600 000
Diminution des coûts opérationnels annuels du centre de contact
Résolution du premier appel
Diminution du temps de réponse du courriel
Appels traités dans les 20 secondes
Le flux de clients diminue avec le Chat-bot
Moyenne d'emails traités
par jour par agent
Moyenne des appels traités
par jour par agent
Réponses aux questions sur les rappels
NPS client
Les pâtes Lietuvos avec le Chat-bot diminuent d’environ 17% le flux de clients provenant des agents en direct. Environ 35 clients par jour avec un seul agent.
Overall benefits for the company
Le chef ou le responsable du centre d’appels verra toutes les statistiques de l’activité, l’efficacité des employés, la vitesse de résolution des problèmes, les principaux problèmes et les raisons pour lesquelles les clients les contactent.
Main benefits for company
Réduction des coûts grâce à l’augmentation de la productivité des employés/agents de l’entreprise (environ 85 000 euros par an) et à la satisfaction accrue des clients.