Financial Institution

Oxon + Financial Industry

Paysera is a safe, cheap and easy way to perform payments and send or receive money online. Company is providing services in more than 180 countries.
600 employees
180 Contact Center agents
The firm used Oxon for years and it helped to improve several issues as well as upgrade business to a new level.


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The firm was faced with the following problems and challenges.
Integrate OXON call center and make it work with internal CRM and Data systems
Was using several different systems to different communication channels
There was no communication services in website
Customer engagement in online world was critical
Reduce operational costs and inefficiencies
Need for a better management of the customer support team


Oxon’s solutions were implemented to solve every issue.
Customize OXON call center to make work with Paysera internal CRM and Data systems
Paysera as a financial institution has a high security database and internal CRM system. OXON is able to integrate those systems to work together. All the information inside those two systems will be visible in OXON dynamic agent’s desktop to improve agent efficiency and increase customer’s satisfaction.
Omni-channel: OXON connects all communications to one platform
Omni-channel lets Paysera to use all communication channels in a single, easy to use OXON contact center. Paysera channels in use: calls, emails, web-chat.
Customize and integrate web-chat to Paysera’s pages
Paysera did not have any communication inside their website. OXON customized their own web-chat and connected everything to work smoothly via OXON contact center.
OXON contact center alerts, templates and calendar
OXON contact center lets companies create as many templates as they want. Paysera created about 500 templates to make agents work more efficiently. An agent can share their workload with other contact center teams. Paysera has eight contact centers in Europe and when one center is loaded with clients, OXON lets to easily share the workload from one contact center to another and it lets Paysera to increase CSAT by growing agent’s efficiency. OXON Calendar lets agents make their own alerts, work lists and other important information to remember. Paysera is using this feature to remind all the agents about callbacks they have to do. The alerts are sent automatically every day to all the agents at work that day.
OXON dynamic desktop increases agent’s efficiency
OXON dynamic agent's desktop enables the agent to solve issues faster when he sees all the information in front of him. This feature saves time when the agent is on an active chat. The agent will see all the information about the client, connection with contact center history, services he uses, all the credit and payments history etc. If the agent cannot solve the issue of the client, he can transfer the chat to another agent or create a ticket and make a callback. Tickets are open until someone of the agents solve it and close them by choosing the call ending reason.
Reporting system for leaders to track all the business statistics
Reporting system allows the leaders to track all the common statistics of the business: how many sales agents did, what was the biggest issues that week, what NPS was that day, how many calls one contact center had etc. All the information can be sent automatically and directly to the leader who ordered that information by email. With these tools leaders will see most efficient agents, as well as enable the bonus system.
Client's history tracking
All the history of client's chats is archived in OXON data base, all calls can be recorded and then listened by other agents or team leaders.
Clients data collecting
Real-time performance management solution to support customer service goals All the data of the clients is saved when an agent enters all the details about a customer: Paysera is collecting all personal details about the client, his bank account details, past services and other important information.
Create automatic customized surveys
Paysera uses OXON customized messages to track their customers' feedback. Surveys are sent in emails or SMS in a moment when the agent talks to clients and the agent tags the call ending reason. Paysera is able to customize surveys any time, they can use them as a massive messages tool.


After successful implementation the following results were achieved.
Before OXON With OXON
Average of call handling time
Annual contact centre operational costs
2 667 000
2 340 000
Annual contact centre operational costs decrease
First Call resolution
Calls answered within 20s
Customers flow decrease with Chat-bot
Average of emails handled
per day per agent
Average of calls handled
per day per agent
Callbacks answered
Customer NPS
Overall benefits for the company
The head or the lead of Call Center will see all the statistics of the business, employees’ efficiency, resolution speed of the problems, main issues and purposes why clients are contacting them. Agent Analytics improved, reduction in email tickets and sales increase expectation.
Main benefits for company
Cost savings through an increased productivity of the company employees/agents (about 40000 eur each year), improved Key Performance Indicators, increased customer satisfaction.