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Omni-channel customer support

Calls, SMS, emails, social networks, web-chat
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Telemarketing and sales campaigns

Automatic dialer, SMS & Email, personal bulk messaging, call-surveys
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Employees management & workflow analytics

Knowledgebase, istorical reports, real-time dashboards, sales tracking

Oxon structure

There are 3 general levels in Oxon system: supervisor, teamleaders and teams. Depending on these levels we designed 2 different software: software for managers/teamleaders and software for workers/agents.
The supervisor manages all the processes, tasks and adjustments. The dashboard with real-time performance, reports and analytics figures are available for Supervisor.
The teamleader has almost the same facilities, he/she works with reports, dashboards and analytics as well but with restricted access privilege. The teamleader manage teams.
The team is consist of agents, who works directly with the clients on making or receiving calls, making chats, mailing with clients and so on. Every agent's performance is displayed for teamleaders and supervisor in the real-time.

Software for agent:

Communicates with customers through all communication channels
Easy to use interface
All channels in one window
Customer information & historical timeline

Software for teamleader:

Used by team leaders of the company as well as directors and executives.
Creates & manages workflow
Analyses agents performance
Sees customers problems & satisfaction levels


The OXON platform is created to have customer interaction across phone, web-chat, email, social networks connected within a single place.

It’s a beautifully simple system for tracking, prioritizing, and solving Customer Support tickets.


Oxon is not only classical support centre. It’s also a stack of powerful tools for workflow management and customer relationship management. With Oxon you can collect and process data for analytical reports, track employees activity and performance and more many other things. Learn more


Want to give an immediate answer to your customers’ simple questions? Stop loading agents with this work, because a chatbot can do this. We created a chatbot based on neural networks that can recognize speech/texts and provide answers to a wide range of questions. Moreover created technology enables to teach it more, adjusting chatbot for your industry needs.
For now ultimate chatbot is avaliable for emails, web-chats and social network chats. Calling chatbot will be launched soon.


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31 %
in operational costs


23 %
in call resolution


13 %
in call handle time

Proved in


What will you get with Oxon?

Average Rating 4.9/5

Choose your Oxon

If you are planning to form your Customer Support centre or decided to optimize and upgrade your current system, take a closer look at this easy and multifeature solutions
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  • Try all the functions of our system for free right now
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  • General calls functions
  • Customer service & support
  • Sales, marketing & data collection
  • Productivity tools
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Business plus
  • + Ticketing system, emails/SMS
  • + Customer experience management
  • + Support service
  • + API integrations with CRM
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  • + Web-chat
  • + Social: Facebook
  • + NPS
  • + Phone support
  • + Mass email and SMS

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s our pleasure to answer any questions you have
How to start to work with Oxon?
Nothing could be easier. In less than an hour we will prepare a system for you, create users and configure it for your needs. We have prepared convenient and informative tutorials so that you can easily and quickly start working with Oxon and immediately appreciate its effective tools.
What size business Oxon system is intended for?
The system is absolutely expandable and adaptive for different size enterprises: from projects with 3 members to corporations with 3000 employees.
Can Oxon be personalised for my business?
Yes! Unlike other software solutions in this area, we offer a unique opportunity to personalize and adjust the system, focusing on your needs.
Do I need download and set up any software?
No, everything you need is browser and internet connection and all the Oxon powerful tools are accessible for you.
Is it possible to integrate data from another system?
Yes, we can easily integrate your data or existing system to Oxon, so you don't need to worry about your business system integrity.
Are international calls enabled?
Is a support included?
Yes, sure. We offer termless support: as you need any help we will be nearby.
How is Oxon priced?
Buying Oxon you are buying a subscription with monthly charging for each user. There are three main options for now: business, business and enterprise. A price will depend on the chosen package of features and number of users. You can find a full packages' description here.