Chatbot (Beta)



, Chatbot (Beta)
Powered with AI learning, the chatbot can interpret customers’ intent and always answer correctly. No matter which way the customer asks about prices, the chatbot will give them an answer about it.
Automated 24/7 support
The chatbot does not have time limits. It can answer customers' questions at night, on weekends or holidays.
Reduces costs
By taking a customer flow from live agents the chatbot can save up to 30% service costs.
Adaptable to various sites and channels
The chatbot can be set up for your website, social network messenger or even email.

Adopt the revolutionary chatbot

A chatbot is the trendiest technology in customer support. It answers frequent and simple questions and so liberates live agents, so they can focus on more added-value tasks. The bot also collects leads so your business can grow. It is extremely flexible, so any kind of business can make use of it. The chatbot can give information or perform tasks like help making a purchase or check a client’s balance.


Better results

Increase in Net Promoter Score (NPS) +57% 57%
Increase in First-time Resolution +85% 85%
Reduce -13% of customer flow from live-agents 13%
Reduce service costs -25% 25%

Full list of Inbound Call Center Service features

Text to Speech
Speech to Text
Natural language processing
Small-Talk function
AI Learning
Chatbot based on your site's FAQ
Chatbot based on your Knowledge Base
Pre-configured Chatbot by industry
120 languages
Switching to a real agent if the question is not typical