AI – Artificial Intelligence with OXON Tech (Beta)


AI – Artificial Intelligence with OXON Tech (Beta)

At the Millennium age, every single business is looking for solution. Every business trying to reduce cost or time spent with customer to optimize tools that would improve business processes. AI is growing in fast pace. Well when we take a look at how you can leverage AI for your channel, it becomes evident. AI can help you notice trends in your channel, and also pick up on voids where you can focus more energy. Use AI to your advantage to increase SaaS channel sales.

Delivery companies:

Problem: Most of delivery companies have their codes for package that they are delivering. Time and date, when the customer would receive a package. Unfortunately if person not able to check it online for status, he would call delivery company to see what status with package. Usually 25-40% of calls are made for this reason. So the customer service is having a high volume of calls only to give information regarding delivery time. Which they could handle other issues or making sales for none existing customers.


Using OXON Tech AI platform would allow reducing that amount of calls by using interactive IVR. Very simple solution, we would integrate OXON with your system. With typing in code on a cell phone would allow hearing or receiving a text message with status of your package. That would save a lot of time for employees to do other things then inform status of your delivery. Other aspect would touch web chat, social chats and so on. You could use AI for answer clients with direct information. If customer would provide necessary details, system would pass information back with date and time of delivery.

Loan or leasing companies:

Problem: Some of loan or leasing companies have loads of inbound calls, especially from older generation. They taking loans or buying by leasing some kind of item or something else. Problem is for some companies that amount of calls they receive is unbelievable high volume. First question from customer is “How much I have to pay this month?”

Even if your company puts 10 CSR (Customer Support Representative), they still won’t manage all enquiries during day. The bigger company, more inbound calls. Such thing stopping from expanding more, just because you need more human power to collaborate with such enormous amount of inbound calls.


Gathering information through speech recognition and converting it to text, AI could reply back to customer with information he is asking for. Such solution would allow company filter customers and put through to the rite department. That is cost effective solution for every business.

Telecommunication service providers:

Problem: Every day, there is something wrong with line, internet or other service you buying from them. In every case is different situation, but in big picture there is couple problems “Service connectivity”. Which you can make in couple tabs: Internet, telephony, TV. So if something does not work, you calling provider and informing them about problem. Answers is same, it takes so many recourses to pass information for support desk to get it fix as fast as possible. So customer would be happy.


Auto bots could answer and pass information to correct department with details of the problem. Give alternatives of what customer could do if they have some problem with service or with any issue they having rite now. That would not only save time, but cost for every single company.

At the moment at OXON Tech our IT specialist is working on this. We are planning how to help big companies to reduce unnecessary costs. Even not such big companies could consider this as advantage to grow business and put efforts on lead generation or new customers. It is always nice to save extra money, so you could invest in marketing campaigns or business it self.