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, Accounting Company
, Accounting Company
Art-Lar Finance & Accounting is an Armenia-based accounting services company and provides accounting, legal, HR management, consulting and 1C solutions services in a timely and accurate manner.
150 employees
25 Contact Center agents
The firm has used Oxon for years and it helped to improve several issues as well as upgrade the business to a new level


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The firm was faced with the following problems and challenges.
Provide 360 Degree View of Customer
Custom Billing Dashboard
Increase proactive and self-service customer interactions with chat-bot
Centralized database system
Real-time performance management solution to support customer service goals


Oxon’s solutions were implemented accordingly every issue.
Automated professionalism: use customer experience and chat-bot to offer optimal solutions
With ticketing system and assign themes to them company can easily track their customer experience and work on issues they have the most. Themes and tickets lets company always work on improving company’s clients experience. Leaders in statistics will always see why client are connecting them by which theme has most assigned chats. By this action chat-bot will be always improving to lower customer’s flow form agents. Chat-bot already decrease up to 30% customers flow form live agents, and always can be improved to solve the most common issues.
Chat-bot integration on website
Before chat-integration we had to improve web-chat functionalities in Art-Lar website. Chat-bot works for agents and only if he doesn’t know the answer or can’t solve the issue connects client to live-agent. For example, is chat-bot can’t answer about pricing for services of Art-Lar, the client didn’t understand the tab of price lists, and chat-bot doesn’t know how to solve it, he will connect live agent to the client in web-chat.
Ensuring maximum efficiency of operations
To ensure maximum efficiency operations to customer agent has all the information about client in front of him. OXON dynamic agent desktop helps to improve agent’s efficiency. It helps to decrease call handling time and increase customers experience, NPS and CSAT.
Roles and permissions managed through OXON
Desktop adapts and morphs depending on the call type
OXON dynamic agent desktop pulls all your data into one easy-to-use interface, so the team always will have all the data they require to resolve calls for the first time. If client contacts the contact center of Art-Lar for the first time the agents must fill up all the information about client: personal details, services used, using or have interest, priority of the client and etc. After this action, when the same client connects to Art-Lar contact center, doesn’t matter in what communication channel, the agent will see all the information about that client in OXON dynamic agent desktop.
Automate application to minimize typing errors
All agents have ability to create their own messages templates or email signature. It allows to save time of agents and do skip the part of correcting they messages, all the agents try to work fast, so sometimes it happens that they make some mistakes while typing.
Contracts and fraud management
In OXON contact center there is an option to choose priority of the clients, it allows to control the main works and improve VIP customers experience for faster response. If client is dealing to reach sign a contract agent can assign him to theme, or create ticket. Ticket will let the agent keep tracking the progress of contract, agent can set alert for some actions to do not forget. Tickets will be open until the deal is done and until agent will close it.
Customer activity management
In OXON contact center agent can always track their client’s history, updated information, or using services. All the agent has the same access to check client’s connections history and etc.
OXON reporting system
Reporting system allows team leaders or managers to order all the statistics and other information from OXON contact center. It lets team leaders to track their agent’s efficiency, track main problems, issues and any other difficulties that company deals with them everyday, it helps company keep building an interaction with clients and keep growing they CSAT or NPS.


After successful implementation the following results were achieved.
Before OXON With OXON
Average of call handling time
Annual contact centre operational costs
340 500
290 000
Annual contact centre operational costs decrease
First Call resolution
Email First reply time decrease
Calls answered within 20s
Average of emails handled
per day per agent
Average of calls handled
per day per agent
Callbacks answered
Customer NPS
Overall benefits for the company
The head or lead of Call Center will see all the statistics of business, employees’ efficiency, resolution speed of the problems, main issues and purposes why clients are contacting them.
Main benefits for company
Cost savings through increased productivity of company agents (about 98000 eur each year), increased customer satisfaction 67%.
Extra benefits
When agent finishes a call or chat with a client, he can choose why he was connecting the call center or assign it to the theme. The themes are collecting from calls, chats, emails and etc., all the information is visible for the team leaders, managers or other leads. In that way the company will be able to keep track of the most common questions and arising problems.