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Cloud based contact center management

Software powered by artificial intelligence
for the best customer experience

    All channels in one software

    Are you still messing up with several services for your support centre? Are your agents forced to open 10 windows at a time?

    Forget about it right now! All your problems are already solved in the beautiful centralized Oxon system.

    Whether your client calls by phone, sms, writes an email, on Facebook or webchat , all this will be shown in one window. All history from all channels will be stored in one place. Such a simple and elegant solution increases the effectiveness of the support centre by 30%.

    Must have 2020: AI based chatbot

    Easily organize 27/7 operating of your webchat with an intelligent chatbot. This is not an old rule-based chatbot. It is a chatbot that can understand natural human speech, synonyms, politely respond to small-talks.

    Oxon Chatbot can:
    • Help user to find information about your products;
    • Answer user's questions from your FAQ list;
    • Reserve, purchase any product/cancel the reservation;
    • Book/cancel a meeting;
    And much more.

    Employee productivity


    Customer satisfaction


    All-digital engagement


    Clients support costs